Our consultants have the technical expertise to install and manage the appropriate anti-virus protection across all business endpoints.

Managed Security

Gigatec’s managed security service delivers worry-free network security, ensuring protection against today’s advanced threats.

Cloud Data Backup

Our Cloud backup program delivers enterprise-level data backup and disaster recovery protection to protect your business data.

Vulnerability Monitoring

Gigatec’s Vulnerability Monitoring and Reporting Managed Service monitors and collects data daily on issues putting you at risk.


Gigatec’s  encryption protects the integrity of your  content, preventing data leaks and unauthorized use of information.

Network Monitoring

Our network monitoring solutions monitor, measure, track and manage your business’s server performance around the clock.

Spam Filtering

SPAM filtering helps keeps out unwanted emails and delivers only legitimate email to your users.

Patch Management

Rest assured that all your servers will have the latest updates and patches.

Whether you are a small business or a medium enterprise, Gigatec can manage your computer resources, support your end users, and protect your network and data. And by unloading the burden of you or others in your corporation having to deal with IT and Network issues, you regain lost productivity and can focus better on expanding and growing the business.

  • Network Management, Monitoring and Maintenance.
  • Hardware and Software Maintenance and Monitoring.
  • Firewall Management and Services.
  • Microsoft Exchange Server Management.
  • Printers and Jobs Operations.
  • Vendor Management.
  • Onsite IT Services.
  • Disaster Recovery Services.
  • Remote Desktop Management.
  • Email Filtering and Security.
  • Web Filtering and Security.

Peace-of-Mind IT

There are many benefits to entrusting your IT Managed Services to Gigatec’s certified IT consultants, in addition to ease of use, ease of management, and less worry.

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